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Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Are Trying to Win a Tap Dance Competition

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Are Trying to Win a Tap Dance Competition

Behind the scenes of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s chaotic ‘Spirited’ tap dance battle

Will Ferrell has a new movie coming out this weekend, and he wants to use his comedy team of Chris Rock and Adam McKay for the movie. But those two are in real danger of ending up on opposing sides of a tap dance competition.

I don’t care if you got into this battle for laughs or not. And you might actually be surprised that one of the two main figures of the film, Ryan Reynolds, was a fan. “Spirited” could be his “The Proposal.”

The trailer above only makes things more confusing. Will Ferrell, who plays a man in love with his mother, and Ryan Reynolds, who plays a man who’s in love with The Proposal (or, at least, thinks he is) have the exact same dance moves.

The two stars might not see eye to eye on everything. For example, Reynolds is a vegetarian, while Ferrell is not. And Ferrell’s character in The Proposal was more of a bully than a love interest, but, in the movie, he was a better man to have around because of the way he was.

Ferrell, however, thinks that his character in “Spirited” might just be the better man. And Reynolds seems to agree with him. Reynolds’ character in “Spirited” is a bit of a narcissist, and Ferrell’s character is a bit of a loser.

When Ferrell made a deal with Chris Rock in order to work on “Spirited,” the two of them became friends. Chris Rock was the first person who believed in Ferrell, and the way he helped Ferrell get the job for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” was also the same way he made him the star of “The Proposal.”

As you can see in the first picture, taken by Ryan Reynolds himself, they’re having a good time together.

And the second picture, taken by Will Ferrell, is probably the most realistic picture of Reynolds and Ferrell as they’re goofing off together.

In the movie, Ryan Reynolds’s character and Will Ferrell’s character are trying to win a dance competition that they’re currently competing against. I

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