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Why I Want to Be an Astronaut

Why I Want to Be an Astronaut

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My friend, Jim Frawley, recently asked me what I’d like to do when I grow up. I had an inkling, a suspicion — perhaps an inkling alone — that he was going to ask this same question, in fact, he had already asked this question to two other girls. I didn’t expect to get a single response. Why would a cute, friendly, and easygoing fellow like me want to become an astronaut? I’ve thought about it myself. But, I still want to be an astronaut.

I didn’t think I saw it this way. I knew that, if I really wanted to grow up, the astronaut thing sounded like the best choice. I was attracted to the technical challenges, the sense of adventure and the thrill of exploring outer space. Also, being an astronaut was the coolest thing ever. I have wanted to be an astronaut since I was born. But, I wanted to grow up first.

But I knew that would mean leaving my friends. I was raised with four best friends. They were my “sisters” and my “best guy friends.” I grew up going to movies with them and hanging around with them at school. Every morning we would be in the cafeteria, eating breakfast together and talking about everything important. My friends and I had lunch together as well, and we would play games on their computers as soon as class was over. I’d spent every moment of my school life with them and spent the weekends with them on my way to or back from school.

But, at some point, we moved on from our friends. My favorite things to do at the time were doing homework and having pizza. My friends had all moved on. You know, one friend will go to college, another friend will move away. Then, when I was in 4th grade, I fell in love with a girl that liked to go to the movies. I didn’t actually see the movie, but I heard the song before me go on. And then I realized, it wasn’t the best movie ever, but it was a great movie. And, I became a fan of the singer in

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