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Why aren’t the readers of the San Diego Tribune protesting Trump?

Why aren’t the readers of the San Diego Tribune protesting Trump?

Letters to the Editor: Is the backlash to Trump coverage too much?

Last week, you received a package in the mail from the conservative group, “Truth Wins Out”.

It included a note indicating a small percentage of your readers signed an online petition opposing Trump.

“I think the mainstream media is over-correcting. There’s too many instances when they are giving a platform to extreme leftist ideas that have to be rejected in this election. This is not a new idea. But now they know they are not going to have their way and it has to be rejected. I think that you (the San Diego Tribune) in particular will do a lot of good with this as you will not be able to buy the mainstream media for a long time.”

This is the same group that helped draft the petition, signed by a group of your readers.

It’s a welcome development.

And, it’s very reassuring that you’re the only mainstream media outlet that has responded.

The idea of a petition is no big deal.

But what is mind-boggling is that when readers express their disapproval of Trump in the petitions, some people, on blogs such as “The Truth” and “Fox Opinion”, will claim they’re “not a real reader of the Tribune.”

Do these people really believe that a readership of 4,000 people doesn’t represent a sizable part of the community?

Is this some sort of secret tactic that only the best-known online commenters can use?

It’s obvious that the best-known commenters are used as a prop to prop up their argument that the San Diego Tribune is hostile to Trump.

But, why?

Why wouldn’t the readers of the Tribune want to know our opinion of candidates? Why are a few “right wingers” so much better than us?

Wouldn’t a better question be why haven’t the readers of the San Diego Tribune protested against the “leftist” ideas they have received from the media?

I don’t know what happened to our readership of the Tribune

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