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What Did I Do Today?

What Did I Do Today?

Who’s Afraid of a Lovely Fern?

For the longest time, I have wanted to see the great city of San Francisco. For years, it was a dream. When I set out to explore the west coast of the US in 2010, I took a road trip to San Francisco and back. On one side of the country, I traveled to Seattle and the other to LA. On the east coast, I went to NYC and on the west to San Francisco. I had a great time, but I also felt a lingering emptiness. I wanted to see everything, but I didn’t see anything I loved. I was alone in a world of people who I didn’t see.

One of my favorite places in San Francisco is Mount Davidson. The mountain is located in a protected wildlife area and is just far enough from the city to feel like a remote place. It is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. This is why I always think about going to this mountain when I visit San Francisco. Why isn’t it my most favorite place to visit? Well, you see, I’m not alone in my love for the mount.

I’m always at least half a mile behind you when you’re walking down the street

How was your day? I was thinking about that question when I walked around Mount Davidson this morning. What did I do today? I walked Mt. Davidson. What did I do today?

Well, I walked for over six hours. I did some hiking. I picked fresh strawberries. I got ice cream and coffee. I did some photography. I sat around the lake in the shade. I watched birds. I took pictures of the sun in the sky. I listened to music. I talked to people who lived near Mt. Davidson. I even walked through the little village where I was born. I felt at home, but I didn’t feel safe enough to feel at home because I was constantly being watched. I was trying to find out who was watching me, but I didn’t find out who was watching me.

Why is it that the people whose eyes are always on you feel

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