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Weather Forecasters: It’s not summer, but it’s warm for the end of February

Weather Forecasters: It’s not summer, but it’s warm for the end of February

Light rain coming to Southern California, with much colder temps and mountain snow later this week

Updated 8:12 am, Monday, February 11, 2018

This winter has not lived up to anyone’s expectations. It has not been this cold in the past 20 years, nor has it rained as much as California averages.

As it warms above 0 degrees on Monday, another day with above-average temperatures could be just around the corner, according to National Weather Service forecaster Joe Amabile.

“It’s certainly not summertime, but it’s certainly warm for the end of February,” he said of Monday in El Centro, Calif. “It’s a fairly typical pattern, and we’ll see plenty of sunshine late in the week.”

One thing of note: The rain on Tuesday may be the only rain California is getting this winter.

“The storms that we had last week, they were late season ones, and a lot of rain,” Amabile said.

The biggest storm of the week, he said, was a storm in northern Mexico, which brought scattered rains and snow to the region.

But in Southern California’s mountains, Amabile said, the storm that brought the most precipitation was expected to be a storm from the Sierra Nevada, and that could bring an inch or two, if it’s that kind of rain.

A big storm is expected, but not quite what’s on the table, Amabile said.

“There’s a lot of snow out there, but there’s not much snow,” he said.

The biggest snow storms in Southern California have gone by, and Amabile said that hasn’t stopped people from thinking of next winter.

“People are looking up. ‘Is this it, is this the year,’? Amabile said.

For the next 48 hours, weather forecasts call for high temperatures in Southern California to range from 48 to 60 degrees. The biggest change is anticipated for the weekend, when a high of about 60 degrees is expected to be followed by

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