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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declares ‘humanitarian emergency’ in prisons

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declares 'humanitarian emergency' in prisons

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President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday that the country’s prisons will be the focus of security operations in an bid to crush a prison uprising that led to mass prison breakouts across the country.

In a statement made from prison, Maduro said the regime will be “fighting to regain control of the prisons” following a wave of prison escapes that have left at least 16 people dead.

Maduro’s administration claims that the uprising was sparked by prisoners who are being denied access to the law library, a claim which was disputed by the opposition.

As Maduro readies security forces for heavy operations in prisons in the capital of Quito and a neighboring city of Guayaquil, he told journalists that President Lenin Moreno’s administration promised to carry out a ‘citizen review’ of the prisons system this week.

Maduro said: “The prisoners will have the opportunity to file a complaint against the governor of the prison which he will be obliged to review, and he will be held accountable.”

In a reference to what opposition leader Juan Guaido has called a ‘humanitarian’ intervention, Maduro added that the country’s National Guard is being deployed in an attempt to regain control of prisons.

In addition to the ongoing prison escape wave, security forces have been engaged in clashes with peaceful protesters in multiple areas of the country.

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As Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declares the situation a ‘humanitarian emergency,’ police clash with protestors

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