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Trump isn’t a Disaster. He is the problem.

Trump isn’t a Disaster. He is the problem.

Editorial: Trump doesn’t want your vote in 2024. Just your obedience while he trashes the U.S. again and again every single day

If you are a liberal or leftist, your first thought when you hear Donald Trump ranting on Twitter from the heart of the nation’s capital might be: “It’s a long way from his tweets to his base.” Indeed, but Trump has no real base. He doesn’t rely on the conservative base for votes, as George W. Bush did after 9/11. He doesn’t rely on the liberal base, either. And so he is reliant on the Democratic base, which has done almost everything in its power to ignore him and to protect him:

The Democratic Party’s base has responded to Trump’s tweets by saying not a word. It is as if he were a walking disaster. But Trump isn’t a disaster. He is the problem.

He is unfit to govern. That is the crux of the problem.

In the months since Trump’s election, he has been a national embarrassment. He has continued to say outrageous things about various U.S. groups (and the media ignored them, too), including: calling Mexicans rapists; referring to the United Nations as an “embarrassment”; using a vulgar word to describe women; refusing to accept the results of the popular vote (in a way that was not about the popular vote but about his own power and ego); being the subject of a child-sex scandal; calling Mexican immigrants rapists; declaring himself the ultimate decider of U.S. foreign policy; and blaming the deaths of four Americans over the course of one month on a small group of people whom he blames solely on the travel ban. He has repeatedly lied, tweeted nonstop, and shown no concern for the safety of Americans. He has publicly bragged about his willingness to kill people, such as by bragging to the world that he would shoot a protester who was blocking him in an elevator. And he has lied about President Obama as well, claiming that he was a secret Muslim.

And then there’s the media, which has repeatedly demonstrated a collective apathy about Trump and his misbehavior and behavior. The press, which spent the first two years of his presidency hiding behind the Constitution and its separation of

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