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The two Republicans fighting for the city of Los Angeles

The two Republicans fighting for the city of Los Angeles

Bass and Caruso duel in historically expensive L.A. mayor’s race


Jun. 19, 2019

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Andrew B. “Babe” Caruso has a reputation for working tirelessly to keep his hometown safe.

But when you run for mayor of a city with an average daily population of more than 400,000 people, you have to ask, “How many hours a day do Caruso and city councilman Jose “Pepe” Castaneda — the two Republicans fighting to represent a blue-collar, Latino, working-class neighborhood — work to keep a safe city for their constituents?”

Both Caruso and Castaneda are known for their tough talk.

On the eve of Tuesday’s city election — the first time Latinos, or anyone, will cast a ballot in the Los Angeles mayor’s race — the two Republican contenders have fought over who got more from the city of L.A., as well as who did the most to keep it healthy.

The two candidates spent the last week pounding the pavement and speaking to residents in the working-class neighborhood of Eagle Rock. They hit the streets with residents and community activists. At times, it got rough.

Castaneda hit the streets in the city’s neighborhoods last week.

Caruso spent Saturday night out on the town with his family. He came back Monday and spent the night in the city’s best eatery, the Silverado Tavern on Sunset Boulevard. He visited the L.A. Police Department’s crime lab. He went ice fishing in the streets of Eagle Rock and strolled down a back alley with his 13-year-old daughter.

At the same time, Castaneda was out on the town.

On Tuesday morning he was back at the Silverado Tavern, talking to customers. He’d also been out strolling through the streets with his daughter. He visited a homeless shelter for homeless veterans. He stopped by the Police Department’s crime lab to inspect the evidence.

And he drove home to the home he shared with his wife, who was away on maternity leave during the campaign.

“I do not believe, not for a second, that he has a chance of winning,” said John J. Ramos of the NAACP Los Angeles chapter

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