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The Trump Legacy Is Already Unprecedented

The Trump Legacy Is Already Unprecedented

Trump’s Precarious Moment: The World Needs To Recognize the Truth

President Donald Trump’s moment in the spotlight is short. He’s getting pummeled by a relentless reality television juggernaut as he attempts to convince the world he’s the leader of the free world.

He’s being painted by the media as a blustering fool, a “reality television star” and the “worst in the world.” The media isn’t the problem, he’s. It’s only the most visible part of Trump’s ongoing PR disaster, and an embarrassment.

In this desperate attempt to convince the American public that his presidency is a success, Trump has completely misread his audience. If Trump wants to have success, he needs to change the way he looks at the world. He needs to go back to being a great salesman.

He needs to remind more people of the truth. The world isn’t going to buy Trump’s lies. He’s going to sell them out before they even buy.

And the sooner the world recognizes he’s telling the truth, the better.

But if Trump doesn’t change the way he looks at the world, the only hope he has to maintain any credibility is if he does manage to get reelected. And we just might see a scenario where Trump loses the election by a significant margin and faces impeachment and criminal indictment.

The Trump Legacy Is Already Unprecedented

Every presidency comes with a legacy, a legacy that is either a positive or negative. But the legacy of Donald Trump is that of a world-class liar, and his legacy is that of a disastrous president.

The biggest problem Trump is facing isn’t that he’s incompetent, but rather that he’s been lying the entire time. When he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he makes up stories to give the impression he knows what he’s talking about.

His constant lying is the definition of the word “unprecedented.”

Trump is doing to America what he did to Mexico. America isn’t Mexico

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