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The OBA is concerned about the “caravan”

The OBA is concerned about the “caravan”

GOP demands prosecution data from Biden administration, says border jumpers should face charges

Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Elizabeth Warren call for full transparency on border crossing data

(U.S. Attorney for D.C.)

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Chris Murphy (D-CT) called on Attorney General William Barr to provide to Congress and the public the data, including arrest records, of all Trump officials that the Obama administration, in its 2016 report “Fast and Furious,” found connected to the failed gun-running operation.

“For the last eight years, the Department of Justice withheld evidence on the border crossing information it had on the Obama-Barr border team who had participated in Operation Fast and Furious,” the senators wrote in an open letter to Barr. “A congressional investigation was requested, and it remains incomplete. We strongly urge the Department of Justice to provide to Congress and the public the information it has on all of the Obama-era officials that were involved in Operation Fast and Furious.”

The Open-Borders Action Committee (OBA) joined the senators in their request, saying that they believe it is necessary to protect the constitutional right to privacy and protect the privacy of everyone who has entered the United States in recent years.

“This has been a long time coming,” said OBA Chairman Kevin Zeese, noting that it has been more than a decade since Congress last pressed the government to release these sensitive data on border crossing activity. “The release of this information could identify individuals who are using fake identities or fraudulent documents, or in instances where the government is refusing to release this information, could reveal individuals’ identities or reveal their criminal histories.”

Zeese also pointed out that the OBA is particularly worried about the individuals at the heart of the current crisis: the so-called “caravan.”

“These individuals are crossing our borders illegally and are posing threats to our national security,” he said. “The Trump administration has declared that the caravan is too dangerous to pass through the border, but this is far from

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