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The New Prescription Drug Epidemic

The New Prescription Drug Epidemic

GREG GUTFELD: Recreational drug use in US is like Russian roulette

By Greg Gutfeld

When it comes to illegal drugs, there’s no law like the old Coke ad. You can just keep shooting until you miss, and then keep coming. You never know what could happen.

Now it is becoming clear to many Americans that their personal recreational use of substances that are legal such as alcohol, marijuana and tobacco can very easily lead to a tragic and fatal accident.

As you can see, here in the US, it has not happened in decades. It’s not like they have a lot of accidents on airplanes either.

Many of you know that for the past few weeks there have been discussions about a recent video where a man named Michael Baden was found dead in his New Jersey apartment. He had a long history of drug use. He had a problem with alcohol, and it took him a number of years to get sober. But he did finally get sober. But once he did, he started to use prescription drugs recreationally, and then he died of a drug overdose in his apartment.

Now there are calls for the federal government to do something. This is especially true in light of today’s headlines about the new prescription drug epidemic.

The drug problem that we see today is the drug problem that’s been around since the early 1900s.

The drug problem that we see today is the drug problem that’s been around since the early 1900s.

It used to be that the United States outlawed drugs because we had people on death row for using them. Then we had people with very long records. We ended up with people like Al Capone. He was not the first, but he was the largest individual drug dealer that we have.

Then we went to other countries – there’s a joke that we are the world’s largest opium supplier.

Then we used to prohibit drugs because we were afraid that all of these drugs would just take over the world.

But now we are being told that our recreational use of drugs is a greater threat to us than ever.

And the reason for this is that there is much greater acceptance of drugs in the United States today

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