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The New 52: Adam West

The New 52: Adam West

Review: Style and great supporting players make ‘Black Adam’ forgettably entertaining

At the end of 2019, DC was celebrating their 25th Anniversary. To celebrate, DC Entertainment produced a 25-part limited series comic called ‘Black Adam: The Man who would become Adam.’

In a little over a week we were gifted with this comic and it felt pretty awesome. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, DC got three of their most popular writers to craft a brand new story featuring a very exciting new character, Adam.

This is the first time the New 52 has had a new Adam at the beginning. Before this new character, we got Adam who was the first Super Hero to take on a real crime-fighting career, Adam West aka Batman.

The most important aspect of this character is his style and personality. It is a refreshing change from Batman. He has a youthful, fun personality that works well for a new character. His most important trait is that he doesn’t care about superpowers. He thinks he sees the world as he sees it, and he doesn’t need super powers in his face to do that. He also does have his signature superpowers, but they work as a disguise and a tool to help him to get the job done.

Now on to the new character.

The Story

The New 52 was built around a story told in an ongoing comic book that was set in the early 1960s. This storyline takes place in the 1960s right before the events of Detective Comics #38. This story focuses on a newly created hero called Adam. There are also three supporting characters who come into the story of this new hero.

In the main storyline, we are introduced to Adam West, who joins the Crime-Fighting League of America. But his adventures are interrupted when he learns that his wife died over a year prior to this point. He then decides to return to the League after his wife�

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