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The GOP Establishment Needs to Stop Spending Money to Help Breslow

The GOP Establishment Needs to Stop Spending Money to Help Breslow

Letters to the Editor: Too stressful. Too long. How did elections get this way?

What is it with these people and the need for constant campaigning? Elections should be the time for voters to choose people to represent them, not to run for office. I can’t remember a poll asking the public whether they approve of the candidates for president and vice president, but I bet you did.

I voted for a Republican for president four times and voted for a Democrat the other three times. I do remember when I voted for Jimmy Carter and in the other two races of ’84 and ’88. And I voted for Bill Clinton the last time I cast my ballot.

I’m not a Republican, and I do not share the conservative views of Mr. Breslow or his kind. I don’t think people would be voting for him if he didn’t go out and campaign.

I don’t know anyone who agrees with his ideas, and I think this is a time to leave voters to sort out. It’s not the only time, as far as I can tell, that candidates run away from the issues. They usually come out of a few hours of interviews on local TV and give a short campaign speech. Voters deserve more than that. And the election is only one day.

What bothers me most is that the GOP establishment is spending money to help Mr. Breslow but not to help the Republican nominee.

Breslow will probably win. But we will lose.

I’m not saying we should turn out for every candidate who asks for our money. But let the voters sort it out, not the RNC. And the GOP establishment needs to stop trying to create a new Republican Party just for the people who are already there and who want to be there.

— Richard S. Caufield

This is for the best. Too much stress. Too long.

It is a nice idea, in theory, for each candidate to spend a day in every county in the country (and states), but in practice I think we’d be in for serious trouble.

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