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The Car Found Buried in the Backyard of a Bay Area Mansion

The Car Found Buried in the Backyard of a Bay Area Mansion

More questions emerge after car is discovered buried in backyard of Bay Area mansion

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The first time we heard about the mystery of the Bay Area mansion in which a decomposing car was discovered buried in the backyard, we didn’t know what to make of it.

And we didn’t care.

Within an hour, the story became national news and suddenly it was on a national TV personality like Al Roker and Dr. Drew Pinsky. It was on the front page of nearly every major news site. It began to get the attention of a man named Brian Stelter, a popular TV journalist at CNN who has been covering the story since the beginning.

“I was shocked,” Stelter told CNN, who invited him to appear on the program “New Day” on Friday. “It was just a story that became a story.”

The story took an unexpected turn Monday, when the car and body were discovered in a backyard surrounded by manicured greenery in the Bay Area at an estate that for decades has been owned by the late hedge fund founder George Soros. It’s unclear why the car was buried in the backyard.

The backyard is surrounded by a chain-link fence, while the driveway — accessed from the backyard — is overgrown with trees and shrubs. Neither appears to be a safe spot for a car in the middle of the night.

Police and the owner of the home say the discovery is being investigated as an accident.

CNN reported that the car was found covered in dirt, including in the car’s engine compartment and front passenger seat.

The network reported that there were visible cuts and scrapes to the car’s front bumper, with some damage on the driver’s side.

The home, which sits on 4.5 acres, is known for its swimming pool, tennis courts and grounds are also landscaped with rose gardens, which the home’s owner reportedly loves.

When we heard news of the discovery of the secret car

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