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The Arizona Governor’s Campaign Has Been unable to Confirm the Attack

The Arizona Governor’s Campaign Has Been unable to Confirm the Attack

Campaign Office of Arizona Governor Candidate Katie Hobbs Is Burglarized by Her Campaign Staff

As you may recall, Katie Hobbs had just finished speaking on the steps of City Hall in Phoenix when on September 3rd an angry man pulled out a knife and threatened to stab her at random. According to reports from the police, the perpetrator, a homeless man with an obsession for knives and a history of violence, walked up to Hobbs in the middle of her talk and told her she needed to stop talking and that he would be with her very soon. A second man, who had remained on the steps of the City Hall, rushed Hobbs with a knife and attacked her, leaving her with deep wounds.

An official statement sent by Governor Hobbs’ campaign to the local newspaper, the Arizona Republic, said: “She did not feel threatened and had no idea a knife was approaching her.” The statement continues to insist that Hobbs was attacked by a “vicious assailant.”

Hobbs, in a series of interviews, has been more forthcoming in her assessment of the situation, stating that the attackers were likely members of the homeless encampment in the area. She even stated that the “vicious” words were said in a “mean way.”

Since the incident, and with the help of the police, Hobbs, her campaign staff and her friends who live in the area have been unable to confirm that she was attacked by the man who approached her on September 3rd.

The police statement on the incident has been released. To read the statement, please click here. To read the press release, please click here.

With the help of the police, Hobbs now believes the attack was an act of retaliation for her speaking at a public meeting about homelessness in the state. Governor Katie Hobbs is running for re-election. Her opponent, Republican Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, is running against her because he refused to take an

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