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Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour” Tickets Sell Out in Los Angeles

Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour” Tickets Sell Out in Los Angeles

Taylor Swift tickets listed for thousands after fans flood Ticketmaster for the singer’s concert in Los Angeles.

On May 11, tickets for Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour” sold out everywhere but the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. (The “Unapologetic” singer’s other performances are sold out.)

So when fans started purchasing tickets for “Red Tour,” the music world took notice.

It was the kind of phenomenon that could happen in any major market where a highly anticipated performer takes to the stage — and that of course would be Taylor Swift.

“It’s pretty exciting because it shows we’re a very big country now,” Swift told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the high demand. “People are hungry for entertainment.”

In the last month, Swift’s concerts have sold out across North America for each of the four shows in the tour. Her upcoming dates, though, in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, may sell out, too.

“This is kind of the big show for me,” Swift said. “I like to show different venues and different countries, so this is the best environment.”

Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour” will have more than 21 hours of headlining and an additional 24 hours of afterparties. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

The tour also sells out in Australia and Europe, but the biggest ticket seller is her Los Angeles concert.

Tickets originally sold out in less than an hour, according to a representative for Live Nation who spoke with Billboard when they sold out.

“I think we sold out in less than 30 minutes,” said Live Nation’s Senior Director of Special Events Kelly Long. “The entire venue is packed. There’s no one left in this building.”

Tickets have been selling for up to $65 apiece. (Swift’s concert in Los Angeles tickets went for $85 at the gate.)

Swift has sold out some shows during her music career, but never in such big numbers.

The “Shake It Off” singer recently announced on Instagram that she will open her Red Tour in Canada on Aug. 4 and in the U.K. on Aug. 14.

“I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this”

Swift made news when she announced that she will be performing at the upcoming “All-Star Weekend” at Radio

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