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Supernatural Season 2 — The Good Witch has Risen

Supernatural Season 2 — The Good Witch has Risen

Review: What’s scarier, supernatural forces or bad parenting?

Supernatural, like the rest of the CW’s roster, is doing a full summer of the supernatural…and while I like a good old fashioned, monster-of-the-week episode, I don’t really mind more “I have to keep an eye on you kids” and “you two are gonna get along great” shows with their monster-of-the-week series (and there is plenty of that going on).

Entertaining, yes, but not frightening and certainly not as much a potential “The Good Witch has risen” as most show’s monster-of-the-week episodes tend to be.

I was hoping to see a show more full of monsters and magic and such, but it’s more of the same and what I have seen so far has been a bit more “I just got called to the phone” than “I made you a star!”

It doesn’t help that just about every second episode I am finding myself wishing it would just stop!

So, what are you hoping to see this season?

And if you want a good scare, I always say the season finales are the ones to watch.

What are your hopes for the summer series?

I’ll still do the usual reviews, but I would also like to try and give some thought as to what I’d like to see this season.

Season 1, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” – I loved the first movie, and was hoping to see a more supernatural based show this season.

Another good example of what I would like to see this season was “The Blacklist” (another show that I really liked!) but I think those are all on the back burner for now.

This show just seems to have me and the kids wondering and “what is that noise” and “what’s that noise” and “are the kids in school again” and “is this really happening” and I just hope that this show doesn’t have the same issues with the kids as “A.A.M” or “Alphas” and “Daredevil” did

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