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Scarlett O’Hara: What She Thinks She Is

Scarlett O’Hara: What She Thinks She Is

You’re Never Too Old for a Miniskirt

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the movie “Avengers” and been curious about the women behind their awesome costumes. One of my all-time favorite women is Scarlett O’Hara, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who you probably know as Captain America. Scarlett’s character is such a badass that everyone who knows her loves her even more. She is also one of my favorite characters in the world.

While Michelle Pfeiffer had to turn down the role, she never really left. She was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton and continued to be an advocate of women’s rights and equal pay.

Now, as one of the first celebrities to sport a miniskirt I thought it’d be fun to share a little bit about her life and who she is.


“I am a woman.”

Michelle Pfeiffer’s journey to the spotlight couldn’t have been easier. Born in Los Angeles to a working-class family, her parents taught her how to think.

“I wanted to believe there is such a thing as a better life. I was a feminist,” she says. “I always was. I had a lot of male friends in my family, even though I am a man.”

These men didn’t know much about women’s rights. “They saw me as a little boy,” she says. “I never told them I was a woman.” But in 1972, when she turned 13—the age a woman officially can become an adult in United States—she couldn’t go to the girls’ bathroom, so she had to use the boys’. She remembers feeling “shamed by my body” and “embarrassed at having breasts and a vagina.” She recalls: “I always had

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