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My Story of Being a Young Lawyer

My Story of Being a Young Lawyer

Letters to the Editor: Gen Z didn’t vote for centrism. It voted against Republicans

By Scott Wilson


Jul 22, 2018 at 6:02 PM

I am one of the youngest of the baby boomers, born in the late 1950’s. My parents moved to California after the “Great War.” The “Great War” was a war between the Left to create a centralized, New World Order government and the Right to save America from that system.

My parents were young, liberal when they moved to California, and they got involved in “radical politics” as the Right wing tried to get California out of socialism under “The New Deal” of FDR’s presidency. My parents went through all sorts of arguments, but I always knew the truth behind them. They had to move to California because it was the only place they could live and fight for their beliefs without being killed. It was their duty.

I am a liberal, and I believe in freedom and liberty, but I am also a conservative. I am both a Liberal and Conservative.

When I went to college, I joined the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) club. The YAF club was the first club I ever joined at UC Berkeley. The YAF club got the word out, in the beginning, and in a short time, the YAF had hundreds and hundreds of members through out a city that was still relatively small. I remember we were members that were fighting for freedom in the U.S. of A.

I joined the National Youth Administration (NYA), which was a government program for young people to get out into the world and fight for freedom. I was young, but I joined NYA because I was also in the YAF.

At the end when I graduated from college, I went back to New York and enrolled in NYU. I studied English literature. Once I finished college, I was able to go to law school. Now I am the youngest lawyer in the United States of America.

I also graduated from medical school at NYU, because I

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