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Mike Lindell’s Vote-by-Mail System Was a Bad Idea

Mike Lindell’s Vote-by-Mail System Was a Bad Idea

How Mike Lindell’s Pillow Business Propels the Election Denial Movement in Idaho

When you read Mike Lindell’s most recent blog post on how he used his political power to stop the “vote-by-mail” voting system in Idaho, you know you’re reading something interesting and noteworthy. You get the sense that Lindell is a thoughtful man, or maybe someone who just thought of this one idea.

I won’t even start with the fact that his idea to stop the vote-by-mail system has only worked in Idaho, and that it was a bad idea and it has been undone. I will go straight to the meat of the topic and discuss his idea and the effort that went on to accomplish what it set out to do.

Lindell used his campaign contributions, which totaled $25,000, to create an email list of Idaho voters who were thinking about not voting in this year’s election. He would call or email these voters when voting day came. He was also emailing supporters of the “vote-by-mail” system, urging them to go vote early this fall.

The plan worked. In a very short time, Lindell had amassed 150 email addresses supporting his effort to stop the vote-by-mail system. He sent emails to these people, explaining his reasoning for doing so and urging them to vote early.

He also set out to show his supporters that he was willing to take on this fight.

The first effort was to send out press releases to reporters in the state. He did this, but they weren’t very successful. When he did speak to the media, he was a voice of moderation, something that would be a perfect fit for him in Idaho. It was also a very effective way of keeping him out of the headlines.

The second effort was to have his supporters send out mailers to their friends, asking them why they weren’t voting this year.

The first mailers made it clear that his efforts were not about any particular campaign. He was telling his supporters to vote early this fall not because

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