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Matthew Perry: A Memoir

Matthew Perry: A Memoir

Near-fatal ODs and love faxes to Julia Roberts: What Matthew Perry’s memoir reveals about his personal life

What’s in a name? Matthew Perry

When the man in the photo with his left arm in a sling is named Matthew Perry in a new book, it’s easy to assume he is the lead character in a new made-for-TV movie about a successful businessman (played by Ryan Reynolds). The name Matthew may be unfamiliar to many readers, but it’s a familiar one to the actress who plays his wife, Julia Roberts. It turns out, however, that the book contains a more surprising revelation: the relationship between Julia and her costar.

The new book, Matthew: A Memoir, is set to be released November 18. In it, Matthew (who turns 33 in the book and 33 when the movie comes out), tells the story of his early years as well as how he became the man he ultimately was. In an interview before his Hollywood career began, Matthew claimed he had no idea that he was gay until age 26, when he found himself in a relationship with an older man. While he was dating him, Julia Roberts became his lover. But it wasn’t until he moved in with her that the two realized they were two people with the same feelings. After they got married, they had to deal with their sexuality as a married couple and still kept it a secret from Julia.

Matthew Perry’s early years in the spotlight

Matthew Perry was born on May 29, 1966, in Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, he was fascinated by actors. His two older brothers, Ron and Mark, followed their father’s footsteps in the acting world as well. After graduating from high school, Perry went on to college and graduated from Wake Forest University. He then joined his brother Ron on a film called The Last American Virgin, which was based on a novel by John Irving.

Perry was then called to join the United States Marine Corps and became a decorated paratrooper and served in Germany and South Korea. While there he met and married his wife, Julia Roberts. Julia was at that time 21 and had just given birth to their first child, a daughter named Suri. But after

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