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CBS Board accuses LAPD Chief Charlie Beck of being a conflict of interest

CBS Board accuses LAPD Chief Charlie Beck of being a conflict of interest

CBS, LAPD captain led cover-up of sexual assault report against Moonves, AG says

(Reuters) – CBS Television Studios Inc’s (VENTUREWIRE) CBS Corp (CBS.N) board of directors on Wednesday accused the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) of failing to investigate a sexual assault accusation against CBS Corp chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, who is running for governor of California next year.

The board, in a statement, also accused LAPD Chief Charlie Beck of failing to follow protocol in the case, saying his role in the coverup made him a conflict of interest with his ability to oversee the police department.

The police department said that Beck’s decision to investigate the complaint was based on an external investigation into the allegation from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office that the LAPD failed to investigate the complaint.

The CBS board, which also is in charge of Moonves’ compensation package and his governance of the CBS Corporation, accused the board of L.A.’s chief of police of being “a known conflict of interest… to oversee the LAPD,” adding that Beck’s conduct was “in direct conflict with his responsibility to the Board.”

CBS said that Beck’s investigation was based on a report from the District Attorney’s Office, which said that the LAPD responded inadequately to the incident without investigating the incident or the complaint itself, which “shocked and dismayed LAPD leadership.”

CBS said its board was considering an ethics investigation into Beck or the LAPD.

The board’s statement said it was troubled by the LAPD’s investigation into Beck, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the LAPD itself, and “the manner in which these investigations were undertaken.”

LAPD spokesman Jim Kapp said Beck’s statement, “taken out of context, was inaccurate and not intended to be taken as a complete or official statement from his agency.”

In response to the board, Beck issued a statement saying Beck “did not view this as an instance of ‘unprofessional behavior’ by a senior management officer with a direct contractual relationship” with CBS.

He also said the investigation was done in its usual manner, in the context of the LAPD’s handling of sexual assault cases.

“I want to be clear: this is not a criminal case that is being

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