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Cara Sleeps With Ex-BFF’s Ex

Cara Sleeps With Ex-BFF’s Ex

Margot Robbie says she wasn’t crying over Cara Delevingne in those paparazzi photos.

The 19-year-old actress told Britain’s Metro newspaper the starlet had “a great face” and a “cool body,” but was “more interested in” the photo op than the real Cara. They’d had “a good time” at a London nightclub on Saturday night.

Not true, Cara says, and she took responsibility for her “lack of judgment” in posting the snap on Instagram.

It’s hardly the first time Cara has been caught sleeping with her best friend’s ex. The pair first met at school, and Cara was “devastated” when she realised just how much of a “player” he was.

“I was, like, what on earth did I do?” she told The Sunday Times last year.

“He’s like the most boring person in the world. He’s got no personality whatsoever. I was like, ‘What do I want to do with my life?'”

The pair dated for a year, but their relationship ended when Cara was arrested for assault and received a six-month prison sentence.

The pair reunited after Cara released her “Fifty Shades” book, but the pair split again last year.

Cara was recently linked to one of London’s most famous music promoters, the legendary Jack White, and is gearing up to become a mother with husband John Paul George.

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