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California voters have decided it is time to quit the union

California voters have decided it is time to quit the union

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February 1, 2013 at 12:01 AM

California voters have decided it is time to quit the union and they plan to do just that via Proposition 29.

The ballot initiative, which was approved Tuesday by 60 percent of California voters after a three month statewide campaign, would end the California statehood process and return all of the state’s power, as well as money, to the 13 states and the District of Columbia.

“There is no better time than now to let the people of this great state decide if they want to be a nation or not,” said Scott Baugh, president of Americans for Job Security, in a statement released by Mr. Baugh’s group.

The initiative is expected to pass on election day.

Supporters are hopeful that, with the help of the millions of California voters who have taken to the ballot box, they will have an effect upon the nation that is far greater than that of the successful effort for the end of the Vietnam war.

“What we really have is a vote against the federal establishment and for the sovereignty of the people,” said Mr. Baugh.

The end of the union means it is time for a new California and the state’s voters can find the rest of the country a lot more interesting, with a multitude of options for what they want to create.

In the wake of the vote, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Dan Walters, who writes as “Dan the Man on the Street”, describes the results of the vote:

“Today, Californians have voted to end the Golden State’s statehood process in favor of a new plan that would make California a ‘federal’ state, with the 13 other western states ceded to the United States.”

“We’re not done yet,�

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