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Biden and Obama Will Save the Democratic Party

Biden and Obama Will Save the Democratic Party

Biden and Obama Reunite in a Last-Ditch Effort to Save Their Party, Their Leader, Their Boss, and Their Country


Steve Coll

November 1, 2019

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden, a man who ran as the party’s moderate-to-centrist candidate in 2008 and 2012, will make a last-ditch effort to save his party and himself, and President Trump’s Cabinet, his White House, his party, and his country. Biden and Obama, once enemies with a secret history, will be on the same side: to save the Democratic Party and the Obama presidency, and to protect the legacy of the American left.

Biden and Obama have come from different ends of the ideological spectrum, but in a final push, they will converge to save their party from Trump’s wrecking ball, and save America from a socialist presidency.

The stakes are high. The left is reeling from its election loss and Trump’s victory. The left is in turmoil. The left is looking for answers and trying to reinvent itself as a broad-based movement. And the party is in the midst of a leadership battle, after which it will have to choose a new leader from the two major parties. These factors all combine to make Biden and Obama’s alliance, to salvage the Democratic Party, an extraordinarily risky gamble for the left.

President Trump, who had always hoped for an alliance with the left, now fears it. At the White House on Friday, he reportedly expressed his fear that Obama and Biden, his political enemies for years, would come together to save the party and the nation. A source close to President Trump explained that the president now believes Biden and Obama will betray him because he believes it would make Trump look like the villain.

“You’re not going to get my votes if you’re trying to take away from me,” President Trump said of Biden and Obama. “The thing is this is my party. The left will never be able

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