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Andrew Williams, who allegedly hit 25 recruits with his car, is set to be released from jail

Andrew Williams, who allegedly hit 25 recruits with his car, is set to be released from jail

Why was driver suspected of crashing into 25 sheriff’s recruits suddenly set free?

A man who allegedly struck 25 recruits with his car during a drunken driving crash that sent two people to the hospital is set to be released from jail.

According to the Oklahoman, Andrew Williams was charged with two counts of vehicular assault in June after allegedly hitting recruits during a high speed chase that had deputies on the scene just after midnight on May 22.

Williams, who was allegedly driving a 2016 Dodge Challenger, stopped when a Sheriff’s Office helicopter attempted to airlift two people from the scene. Once the helicopter had landed, Williams allegedly fired at the crew that took the injured to the hospital.

Williams was apprehended at the scene and the charges were dropped when investigators found out that one of the victims is a member of the sheriff’s office.

When reached by the Oklahoman, Williams allegedly confirmed that he was “the one” driving the Dodge Challenger that crashed into the recruits.

Williams is accused of hitting and killing one of the recruits who is currently in a coma and is also accused of shooting a second recruit in the neck.

When asked by the Oklahoman, Williams was asked if the victims were friends or family members. Williams’ answer was not exactly clear.

“I don’t know who they are right now. I got a phone call at 4:59am, I’ll just get back to you,” he said.

When asked how he knew the victims were recruits, Williams reportedly laughed.

“Oh, I know where they are,” he said.

It was not immediately clear why Williams was set free, but it is possible he is only being released into the public in large part due to the fact that he is a former sheriff’s deputy.

Williams is currently free on bail and has one hearing set for July 9th.

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